Reaching the finishing line: 5 steps to end the school year on a high

1) Review your to-do list

Grab yourself a pen and paper and ask yourself, what is it that you have got to have done before the end of the school year? Write out everything you can possibly think of that needs to be done, whether that is marking, planning, displays, new initiatives ready for September, the lot.

2) Prioritise

The next step is to go through your list and prioritise your tasks. Ask yourself things like:

3) Delegate and Eliminate

This may be a sticking point for you. Delegation and taking things off your to-do list may feel like cheating or underachieving but that’s simply not the case. In teaching, there is always something more that can be done. You are human and the strong likelihood is that you will not reach the end of your to-do list, even at the end of the summer term. So, take a deep breath and ask yourself these two questions:

4) Schedule

Now that you have got your refined to-do list, it is time to schedule in when you are going to do your ‘A’ tasks. Look at your teacher planner and schedule in the time to do them.

5) Take Action!

Now that your to-do list is in your planner, get going on it!



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Gemma Drinkall

Gemma Drinkall

Helping teachers to create clear boundaries and love their job again.